Igor Krutoy is one of the most distinguished, popular and demanded Russian composers. He is the author of more than three hundred songs. Krutoy’s hits have been performed for many years by the main stars of Russian variety art – A. Pugacheva, I. Allegrova, K. Orbakaite, V. Leontyev, A. Buinov, N. Baskov, Alsou, M. Shufutinskiy, A. Serov, L. Vaikule, V. Presnyakov and many others. Compositions wrote by Igor Krutoy are distinguished by melodism, sincerity and depth. They are heard at all radio stations in Russia, Near and Far Abroad. Igor Krutoy – the author of music to popular movies and TV serials «Hostages of a devil», «The Souvenir for the public prosecutor», «Thirst of passion», «The Related exchange».

Igor Krutoy’s musical achievements are well-known not only in Russia but also worldwide. Since 1994 Igor Krutoy’s recital shows have been performed with a tremendous success. Russian variety show stars take part in them. These concerts were performed in the USA – on the stage of Madison Square Garden (New York, 16 000 spectators), in the hall of Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City (6000 spectators), Radio-City Music Hall in New York, Shrine Auditorium and Kodak Theatre in Los-Angeles, in Kazakhstan – in the Palace of Republic, on most prestigious concert stages in Israel, Germany, Ukraine and other countries.
Igor Krutoy is the president of ARS holding company which incorporates Love Radio, Radio Dacha, Radio Taxi-Fm, «Song of the Year» TV festival, ARS-Records label and ARS-Concert project which deals with organisation of concerts. Igor Krutoy was a producer of «Stars Factory-4» project. Timati, Irina Dubtsova and Dominik Joker were among the graduates of the project. Igor Krutoy is the founder and co-chairman of the jury of the «New Wave» and «Junior New Wave» contests.
Every year albums with Krutoy’s hits are released with the performance of popular artists. «Igor Krutoy’s Series», «Igor Krutoy – Friends and songs» are in a strong consumer demand. The total number of CD-, MP3- and DVD-carriers has long ago exceeded the multimillion circulation number.

One of the brightest embodiments of Krutoy’s composer’s talent is the writing of instrumental music. In 2000 the first album of the «Without words» series was released, in 2004 «Without words, Part 2» appeared. In autumn 2007, the third part of the «Without words» musical series was released, and this album has been stable and evident leader of sales among all Russian popular music for more than four months!

Year 2009 saw the release of a double «Deja-vu» album with the songs of Igor Krutoy performed by Dmitry Khvorostovsky. It was for the famous baritone opera singer that Igor Krutoy wrote 24 songs in Italian, French and Russian. In autumn 2010, Igor Krutoy's fans could enjoy the big new project of the composer: «Mademoiselle Zhivago» features Igor Krutoy's music for the lyrics of the renowned singer Lara Fabian.

Igor Krutoy’s creative, composer’s, performer’s and producer’s talents have been appreciated at their true worth by the state. Igor Krutoy is the Honoured Art Worker of the Russian Federation (1991), People’s Artist of Russia (1996).